5 reasons why landlords should allow pets

You might not be convinced now, but have a look at our 5 top reasons and tell us, if we changed your mind!

  1. Nearly half of the UK population owns a pet. Not allowing pets excludes 50% of your potential customer-base!
  2. Minimised void periods. Pet-friendly rentals are high in demand!
  3. They keep your property clean!  Pet owner are more likely to clean and keep your property at its best. Also they often pay for your property to be professionally cleaned at the end of their tenancy. And why not make it a condition in your contract
  4. Higher quality tenants: Pet owners tend to have higher incomes, more stable jobs and are generally happier.
  5. Higher deposit: Pet owners are usually willing to pay a higher deposit, safeguarding you just in case Rover does somehow ruin the upholstery.  

You like the idea?

3 things to do before you rent your property to a pet owner:

  1. Include a pet clause in your tenancy agreement: You want everything on paper to avoid complications should they arise.
  2. Complete an Inventory checklist and take photos: Make a note of the condition of your property before the tenant has moved in.
  3. Agree on a pet deposit, if you normally ask for the equivalent of four weeks rent, you could ask for six weeks from pet owners.


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