5 superstitions that can affect property around the world



In Iceland, plans to build a new road were obstructed when campaigners claimed it would unsettle the ‘Huldufolk’ (elves) living nearby. Construction plans were abandoned until the problem was resolved. Over half of Icelanders believe in the existence of these ‘hidden people’ and as well as roads, this can also affect properties.



Some buildings in Malaysia replace ‘4th floor’ to 3A and house addresses like 4 or 44 to 3 and 33A as the number 4 has a similar pronunciation to the Chinese word for death.



Extending your home from the rear (especially if it faces west) will bring bad luck. As the story goes, one family defied this custom and as a result two men were lost at sea and the third went mad.

Eastern Europe


Silver coins are traditionally buried in the foundations of the house to ensure that the inhabitants will never be short of money.



Indians avoid building a home, shop or any building facing the South as it is considered unfortunate. East and North on the other hand are considered lucky. India’s richest man refuses to move into his $1 billion, 27-story home because it does not have enough windows on the east side, which could cause bad luck.


‘álfar (elves or hidden people)’ by Ashley Buttle is licenced under Creative Commons

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