7 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Get your property up to speed this spring and keep it neat and tidy.

1. Use lint rollers. For lampshades and blinds, clothing lint rollers can be used to get rid of dust.

2. Fabric softener sheets aren’t just for laundry. Swipe fabric softener sheets over baseboards to clear away dust quickly.

3. Want a spotless toilet bowl? Forget the traditional cleaning supplies and use flat Coke or Pepsi.

4. Clove oil is excellent at killing mould spores. Stop damp before it starts by mixing in a few drops in one litre of water, and then wipe down areas susceptible to mould.

5. Use shaving cream to remove carpet stains. White foam shaving cream is effective at removing almost all carpet stains. To do this, dampen the stained area with lukewarm water, then spray cream over it. Rub it into the stain, wash with water and repeat a few more times.

6. Vinegar will clean almost anything. White distilled vinegar mixed with water will kill most mould, bacteria and germs so keep a spray bottle handy.

7. Use citrus to get rid of that garbage disposal funk. All you need is one lemon, a few teaspoons of baking soda and a few seconds scrubbing.

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