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6 Ways to Make Your Rental Property Energy Efficient

Rising energy prices and the global need to reduce carbon emissions mean it’s never been more important to think about the energy efficiency of your property. There are a number of things a landlord can do to reduce their carbon footprint and keep costs down. Existing tenants will appreciate the reduction in bills and the property will be much more attractive to renters and buyers in the future. Continue reading


5 questions to ask before you start buy-to-let property hunting

Whether investigating buy-to-let for the first time or mulling over the next property in your expanding portfolio, you need to be clear about what you are looking for. There are healthy returns to be made – an annual average of 9.7% according to recent figures – but these will only come from knowing the risks and planning sensibly. Finding the right property is an essential part of this. So here are the key things to get straight before heading out to find the property of your (or, rather, somebody else’s!) dreams… Continue reading