Heavier penalties for rogue landlords

Bigger penalties could be imposed on rogue landlords who are exploiting their tenants. At the moment, tenants who are being treated unfairly are having to go through a series of complicated legal procedures in their efforts to hold their landlords to account.

This week, the government has stated that it will give magistrates a fourfold increase in the maximum fines it can impose on landlords. In some cases, they will be able to impose unlimited fines. This will eliminate the outdated ‘slap on the wrist’ approach which is currently not working in the majority of cases.

Many commentators believe that a system ought to be created which incentivises good landlords and punishes bad ones. At the moment, various attempts are being made in different areas through licensing schemes but there is no streamlined system which deals with tenant abuse seriously, and as a result the general perception of the landlord is tainted.

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