The benefits of home staging for landlords

Making sure that your property looks clean and tidy can increase its rental value by by up to 20%, so property staging can be essential for landlords who are looking for new tenants.


  1. Advertising – To attract new tenants you will need to advertise your property using great photos.
  2. Enduring – No one is going to want to pay premium rates for a property with chipping paint and uneven floorboards. Make sure that when you stage your property, the makeover will remain.
  3. Out with the old – Having to clear up after a previous tenant is a landlord’s job unfortunately. Giving it a proper clean and getting rid of broken or ugly items is essential when showing new people around.
  4. Furnishing – Sometimes a property can seem unwelcoming when it is unfurnished and may leave the tenant slightly worried about how they will fit their own things. Temporary furniture can help tenants envisage what their own furniture will look like and gives more of an idea of space.


‘After Staged model’ by Real Estaging is licensed under CC 

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