Brent Council approve private landlord licensing scheme.

Following the conviction of rogue landlords in both Hillingdon and Stafford, Brent council has been the next London Borough to implement the private landlord licensing scheme.

Consequently, private landlords in Brent will now have an obligation to pay a fee of £350 in order to subscribe to a mandatory five-year licensing scheme as part of the councils aim to eliminate rogue landlords allowing tenants to live in unacceptable conditions.

The scheme will apply to all private landlords owning properties within Harlesden, Willesden Green and Wembley Central and thus demanding that they acquire a license before letting their properties.

The council will also be providing neighbourly support to those concerned anti-social behaviour from tenants such as illegal dumping.

Councillor Margaret McLennan, Brent Council’s lead member for housing, made the following statement following the decision: “We want to create a minimum standard for landlords and properties to ensure that residents can expect a good standard of housing.

“It has been successful in other areas of London and it will tackle the minority of private landlords who give their tenants a raw deal and also help stamp out anti-social behaviour by tenants.”

Consultation is set to take place regarding the application of discounts in the sign-up fee.

In addition, landlords renting smaller houses of multiple home occupancy will be required to obtain a licence from 1st January 2015, following a decision made by the council executives back in April. The scheme will also be reviewed on an annual basis.

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