Brighton’s ‘living rent’ campaign praised

A campaign to introduce a ‘living rent’ policy in Brighton and Hove has been praised by the city council’s Green councillors.

The campaign proposes the creation of a national living rent commission to explore ways of bringing the country’s soaring rents into line with wages and the cost of living and bringing in longer term tenancies in return for stable rent increases.

The campaign also calls for an “ethical Landlord” accreditation scheme along with an “ethical letting agency’’ in Brighton and Hove and for the building of cheaper homes at living rent levels linked to peoples incomes and not market rates.

Green councillor Alex Phillips, deputy chair of Brighton and Hove Council’s housing committee, said: “We have one of the highest proportions of homes in the private rented sector in the country. Too many of our residents are affected by terrible living conditions, threats of eviction, and unaffordable rents. There are of course good landlords, and it’s important to celebrate and highlight their good practice, ideally through an ethical landlord scheme.”

“We support these calls for a range of measures to help Generation Rent, including the better controls on private rent levels that we called for in January. I hope that housing committee considers and takes these requests forward.”


Brighton Pier by Beverley Goodwin is licensed and edited under creative commons.

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