Buy-to-let investment – the hot spots


As a buy-to-let investor knowing where to buy is key to maximising returns – and the hot spots aren’t as obvious as you might think.

Investment properties in cities in the north of England and Scotland are outperforming those in the South and Wales when it comes to gross returns according to research by comparison website TotallyMoney.com.

While landlords in London and the South East can command some of the highest rents, property prices are far higher there than anywhere else, eating into yields.

Sheffield heads the list of postcodes where buy-to-let developers have the potential to make the best profits on rental properties, with a yield of just over 11 per cent in the city centre. London generally performs poorly, but worst is South Kensington, with a buy-to-let yield of 1.56 per cent.

English houses by Images Money is licensed under Creative Commons

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