The Property Investment Premier League

Last week saw the end of the Premier League football season, with Manchester City clinching the title while Cardiff, Fulham and Norwich hit the bottom. But how would the buy to let Premier League table look, where standings are based on returns on property investment? Excellent question. Here’s the answer!

West Ham (E13) £1,073 5.90% 8.89
Chelsea (SW6) £1,978 1.80% 8.79
Fulham (SW6) £1,978 1.80% 8.79
Cardiff (CF11) £667 5.50% 8.44
Tottenham (N17) £1,134 6.50% 7.8
Swansea (SA1) £564 5.40% 7.58
Southampton (SO14) £777 5.40% 7.5
Sunderland (SR5) £445 4.50% 7.48
Stoke (ST4) £442 4.90% 7.46
West Bromwich Albion (B71) £450 6.20% 7.15
Newcastle (NE1) £822 6.20% 6.77
Manchester City (M11) £562 5.10% 6.24
Everton (L4) £411 6.30% 6.16
Liverpool (L4) £411 6.30% 6.16
Norwich (NR1) £673 6.70% 5.91
Crystal Palace (SE25) £985 6.00% 5.81
Aston Villa (B6) £479 8.70% 5.61
Hull (HU3) £405 15.70% 5.4
Manchester United (M16) £632 6.60% 5.29
Arsenal (N7) £1,761 5.40% 4.83

The Rentify Index integrates both house and rent price trends in the given postal region. It is scaled from 0 (worst investment prospects) to 10 (best investment prospects). So even though a property in Chelsea, for example, would generate a poor rental yield, the strong house price performance more than makes up for this.

Please remember that this is not a list of the best postcodes in the UK to invest in, just those that correspond to Premier League football teams! So there you have it. The only ‘team’ to keep its same position as in the football Premier League table is Stoke. It’s also interesting to see how, when it comes to overall investment, strong house price growth (capital appreciation) can mean so much more than high rental yield: just compare Fulham/Chelsea and Hull! And the fact that London postcodes are both top and bottom of the league shows just how precise you must be when investigating where to invest.

It seems we can say there is no great correlation between quality of football team and prospects for property investment in an area. Manchester United and Arsenal in the relegation zone? One can only dream…

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