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South-east house price growth outstrips London’s

Buyers forced out of London by spiralling property prices have helped fuel a 10% annual rise in asking prices in the south-east – a rate that has now outstripped inflation in the capital.

Asking prices in the south-east are 10% higher than they were a year ago compared with a rise of 9.6% in London. This makes the region the strongest performing in the country over the last 12 months. Continue reading


Should you buy a home reversion property?

In many cases across the UK, elderly home owners purchased their property many years ago and have seen the value of the property increase massively. Many of them would like to take some of this capital gain but now remain unwilling to sell their homes.

This is where home reversion is used. The home-owner has the option to sell the property at a fraction of the market price and the occupant can remain in their home rent free for the rest of their life as tenants to the new owner. Continue reading


Does yield really tell the whole story?

A  recent report ranked areas of the U.K by yield for buy-to-let investors. It is a common belief that the regions with the highest yield percentage are “buy-to-let heavens” where landlords are guaranteed to get maximum profits from their properties.

But does the yield tell you everything you need to know about the properties in the region?

If you take a wider look at the regions with the highest yields you will find some interesting results.

Many of the regions which possessed the best yield percentages were also low income areas. As a result, these are regions where the average rent would take up as much as up to 75% of the median salaries in the region.

So if you are looking to buy a new property in a region that claims to have a high yield surely you should ask yourself what good is it having properties in regions where nobody can afford to rent?

Have a look at the 10 best yielding regions below and you’ll see how hard it may be to find a tenant were you to invest.

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