High Rents and the Image of Landlords

You may have read recent news reports suggesting that one-third of the UK is essentially ‘off limits’ to low-income tenants due to unaffordable rents. While the precise figure is open to debate, there is clearly a general awareness that rent is at a high level (“punishingly high” according to Boris Johnson). Unfortunately, these reports often carry the implication that landlords are deliberately taking advantage of the many people who cannot afford to buy a home these days.

Certainly landlords are benefitting from healthy demand. But at Rentify we believe that such reports are not taking into account the high costs with which landlords themselves are burdened. Also rarely considered is the intrinsic insecurity of renting, which any sensible landlord must factor into their sums. We know the majority of landlords are fair-minded and simply wish to retain good tenants for as long as possible.

Furthermore, the rental market may not always be quite so landlord-friendly. New government schemes, such as Build to Rent, have been designed to meet the increased demand for rental properties. Building a reputation as a fair and considerate landlord now should generate long-term benefits.

So, any savings which you can make and pass on to your tenant will certainly set you apart in the current climate. But to make these savings you need to know where your money is going. At Rentify we pride ourselves not only on the incredible range of services we offer at an unbeatable price, but also on our transparency. From pre-tenancy right up until the tenant leaves, you’ll have all of the tools you could ever need, all for a flexible rate of £65 per month with no hidden charges or renewal fees. You can even advertise your property on the UK’s leading property sites for free. Landlords and tenants alike can rest easy, knowing that they are getting the best possible deal.

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