Free HMRC tax tutorial for landlords

"HMRC" by is licensed under CC BY 2.0

HM Revenue & Customs is offering a free online tax tutorial for landlords. The tutorial covers the full life-cycle of a buy to let business, from how to inform HMRC that you have started to let a property right up to what to do if you end up taking on staff. This is all part of the government’s Let Property Campaign to make sure landlords have got all of their tax affairs up to date and in order. If any landlord is in doubt about any aspect of their tax affairs, these tutorials are a great place to start. Take a look here.

The full range of topics are below. Each topic also contains a number of more specific subcategories to make sure you are covered every step of the way.

  • Telling HMRC you have started to let a property
  • Income from Property
  • What records do I keep?
  • What am I allowed to claim as a business expense?
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Registering for Self Assessment Online
  • Paying HMRC
  • Growing your business
“HMRC” by is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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