Inquiry launched into PRS ‘revenge evictions’

The All Party Parliamentary Group for the private rented sector (PRS) has launched an inquiry into Sarah Teather MP’s bill to tackle the problem of so-called ‘revenge evictions’.

A ‘revenge eviction’ occurs when a private landlord serves notice on a property after a tenant has complained about the need for repairs.

Teather’s Tenancies (Reform) Bill seeks to protect people in PRS housing against revenge evictions, and is also aiming to amend the law on notices seeking possession relating to assured short hold tenancies.

The inquiry will ask:
• What constitutes a retaliatory eviction?
• How extensive is the problem of retaliatory evictions?
• Is there is already sufficient protection for tenants from existing legislation?
• Is this bill needed?
• What impact would it have on tenants, landlords and lenders’ readiness to lend landlords the finance needed for new homes to rent?
• Could the bill be improved, and if so, how?

The group’s chairman, Oliver Colvile, MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, said: “Tenants rightly deserve protections from rogue landlords whilst landlords also need protections to be able to swiftly remove tenants who breach the terms of their contracts.”

“With landlord and tenant groups in disagreement over the need for this Bill the Group will seek to reach a consensus on the best way forward that is fair to all sides.”


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