Private Rented Sector Update

Landlords and Tax Returns

It’s always a good idea to get your tax return out of the way as early as possible. With the latest tax year having just ended, why not bite the bullet? Landlord Expert have produced a handy article to help you through it. You can also find some helpful tips about what can be deducted as expenses – as well as other tax information – in Rentify’s ‘Landlords and Maximising your Property’ guide.

Mortgage Options

Keystone has reduced its rates on its fixed-rate products and these are certainly worth having a look at as they also have fairly flexible criteria.

Coventry Intermediaries has also released a new range with a starting rate of 2.29% and a range of fee structures and LTV (loan to value) levels available.

Finally, check out peer to peer lenders, such as Landbay, whose new method of lending could save you time and money. But always consult an experienced independent mortgage broker before proceeding in any case.

Tip of the Week

Secret sub-letting is a problem that all landlords should be vigilant about. A hands-off approach can be successful and appealing but you should always be absolutely certain about who is living in your property. Tenants may try to sub-let without your knowledge, which could lead to serious problems for you and your property. It’s not common but even experienced landlords have been caught out.

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