Landlords unaware of gas safety regulations.


According to new research by British Gas and Shelter U.K, one in ten landlords are unable to confirm their tenants were living in a gas safe home. The news comes during gas safety week and shows that many landlords in England are not aware of their obligation to keep properties gas safe.

An annual gas safety check and certificate is required by law for rented properties, and is the responsibility of the landlord. Those who fail to meet gas safety regulations in the homes they rent out can face fines of up to £6,000 and even 6 months imprisonment. In the most serious cases, charges of manslaughter could be brought.

Shelter and British Gas have joined forces to improve conditions in private rental homes and this Gas Safety Week are calling on landlords to ensure they meet their gas safety responsibilities.

Shelter UK stated in a post “Landlords are reminded to be aware of their obligation to ensure that a gas safety check and record or certificate (CP12) is delivered for each property every year. They are also encouraged to install a CO monitor in all properties to monitor carbon monoxide levels”.

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