Le Tour de France – from Leeds to Paris

With the Tour de France in its seventh stage, we have decided to take a look at the difference in rental prices between Leeds and Paris.

For a 1 bedroom apartment in the glamorous Paris city centre, you could see yourself paying on average €1,108.25 pcm, whereas in the outskirts rents are reduced to around €834.14 pcm.

Prices in Leeds on the other hand are significantly lower with the average 1 bedroom house costing around £558.33 pcm in the city centre and £403.57 outside.

And even though rent in Paris is more expensive, the average yearly salary after tax is £12.22 less than someone in Leeds, making it virtually impossible for someone to rent in the Champs Elysees – the finish line for the cyclers of the Tour de France.


‘Tour de France’ by Michael Ziemann is licensed under CC 

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