New laws to keep Paris from becoming a city for the rich


Fed up with the outrageous charges that French estate agents levy on tenants, the French government has stepped in. A new law, known as ALUR, has limited the maximum charges based on the size of the property and its location in one of three zones around the country.

  • In Paris and its surrounding area (the zone très tendue), agents will be allowed to charge no more than €12 per square meter for administration fees, plus a €3 per m2 inventory fee.
  • In 28 other urban areas (zone tendue), the cap will be at €10 per square meter, plus inventory fee.
  • For the rest of France, an €8 per m2 cap applies, plus the inventory charge.

In the past, many tenants expected to pay a month’s rent in agents’ fees for a new apartment, the highest in Europe. This new fee structure means that someone renting a 40-square-metre place in Paris for €1,100 a month, the new rules would cap your administration fees at €480, plus an inventory fee of €120, representing a 45% decrease in costs. Although a €600 fee still out does London’s average of £ 220.

However, properties in the lower zones could end up paying more than a month’s rent in fees if the maximum cap is applied. 45m2 properties in Bordeaux, for example, could be charged 110% of the monthly rent.

This shows the problem with trying to regulate tenant fees in a complicated and over-heated rental market. When fees are levied on tenants, someone always loses out. This is why Rentify believes that tenants looking for a property shouldn’t face charges – the letting agent works for the landlord and is being paid by the landlord to find a tenant. With Rentify, our landlord fees are fair and transparent, there’s nothing hidden, nothing charged to the tenant, and certainly no double charging landlord and tenant for the same work.


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Flat by Florent Le Gall is used under Creative Commons

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