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Abandoned living room

Five tips for a smooth tenant check out

Whether you’re saying goodbye to your new best friend or celebrating seeing the back of a troublesome rogue, you should always oversee the tenant check out professionally. You need to ascertain whether the property is in an acceptable state and, if not, how much of the deposit should be kept. If you produced a thorough inventory at the start of the tenancy then the check out should be fairly straightforward. Continue reading


Boris refuses to confirm he will meet affordable housing target

Boris Johnson has been branded ‘outrageously blasé’ after refusing to answer questions from Labour politicians on whether he will hit his affordable housing target.

He was questioned on his pledge to build 50,00 new affordable homes by March 2015 at Mayor’s Question Time yesterday.

Under questioning from Tom Copley, Housing Spokesperson for Labour, Mr Johnson said: ‘If it [the target] slips by a few hundred in March or whatever deadline you arbitrarily choose to set then we’ll look at it then.’ Continue reading