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Five tips for a thorough inventory

Producing a meticulous inventory is one of the best things a landlord can do before the tenancy agreement is signed. If your property is damaged during the course of the rental, you will need to have proof before you can claim any of the deposit money. This is particularly important now that the deposit must be kept in a tenancy deposit scheme. If there is a dispute over damages and how much deposit is to be paid back, a dispute resolution service will place the burden of proof on the landlord.

Protect yourself and your property by following these five tips:

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Abandoned living room

Five tips for a smooth tenant check out

Whether you’re saying goodbye to your new best friend or celebrating seeing the back of a troublesome rogue, you should always oversee the tenant check out professionally. You need to ascertain whether the property is in an acceptable state and, if not, how much of the deposit should be kept. If you produced a thorough inventory at the start of the tenancy then the check out should be fairly straightforward. Continue reading


Insurer refuses home insurance payout

A Devon couple is claiming to have been mis-sold insurance after being told they can’t claim for damage caused by tenants.

According to the Daily Telegraph, their tenants – who appear to have been operating a cannabis farm within the property – caused £56,000 of damage, which Saga is refusing to cover. Continue reading


HMO landlord fined for safe safety breach

Landlord Haresh Rambahai Patel was jailed for eight months for ignoring fire safety regulations and endangering the lives of his tenants.

Patel’s two adjoining properties in Highfields, Leicester, caught fire in the early hours of the 8th of May last year. Fire fighters had to rescue three residents, from the three story building, where no proper fire safety measures were in place. Continue reading