Rentify Advice: Conducting Effective Viewings

Viewings are obviously a crucial part of any landlord’s pre-tenancy preparations. If you are handling the arrangements yourself, your conduct will feed into the potential tenant’s final analysis so try to see the process through their eyes. Here are some important things to remember:

1.)    If you have existing tenants, make sure the viewing has been cleared with them! An obvious one, maybe, but it’s sometimes forgotten. The existing tenants have rights, although they cannot continually and unreasonably deny you access. If you fail to clear a viewing you could end up wasting time and looking unprofessional.

2.)    Make sure the property is clean and tidy. It’s worth asking any existing tenants whether it’s okay for you to come a bit early to make sure the property is looking in good shape. Don’t worry about making it absolutely immaculate in this instance as the potential tenants will understand it is being lived in!

3.)    Try to make the décor as neutral as possible to allow potential tenants to imagine how they could put their own personal style into place.

4.)    Make sure the property is well lit and heated. If there are no existing tenants it’s worth the effort to warm the property up in winter. This will make it feel more cosy and homely for the viewing. Likewise, a brightly lit property will make much more of an impression.

5.)    Be clued up about the amenities. Know, for example, the details of the property’s heating system and rubbish collection. It will make you seem more professional and reassure potential tenants that you take an active interest in its maintenance.

6.)    If you operate an HMO, see if you can get the other tenants together at the viewing so potential tenants can meet them and ask any questions they have.

7.)    Be prepared for any surprises! If potential tenants notice any problems you were not aware of, be open and honest about it. Be careful about saying anything that could be misleading, but try to reassure them.

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