Rise of the renters: the changing landscape of the UK’s property market

Map showing renter majority constituencies in 2021

Map showing renter majority constituencies in 2021

A new report shows that renters will soon make up the majority of voters in many UK parliamentary seats.  Research from the campaign group Generation Rent shows that homeowners will be outnumbered in 104 of the UK’s 650 parliamentary constituencies by 2021.

The report, released last week, uses census figures to show how the number of renter majority constituencies has risen from 38 in 2001 to 65 in 2011. It will rise still further by the time of the next census. With renters becoming increasingly politically powerful, parties are under pressure to shake up the rental market.

Alex Hilton, Director of Generation Rent, said: “As home ownership gets increasingly out of reach, ever more people will find themselves as permanent renters throughout their lives. Unless MPs adapt their priorities to reflect renters’ needs then 100 MPs will be irrelevant to their voters by 2020. MPs have one parliament to adapt and we expect any government elected in May next year to be proposing pro-renter policies by June.”

In the build up to next year’s election the Labour party has set the tone by pledging to ban letting agents from charging unjustifiably high charges to landlords and tenants.

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