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How to perform your own tenant reference check

The number of tenant evictions reached record levels last year as 37,739 tenants – public and private – were removed from properties. Overall, this is a sad and worrying trend but a number of these will be the result of problem tenants, which a landlord must do all they can to avoid. A thorough tenant reference check can save a landlord from a nightmare. The likelihood of finding a good tenant who will stick around is greatly increased with a little due diligence and research. Agents will offer this service, but often at quite a high rate (although some online agents such as Rentify offer free background checks). If you do want to conduct your own tenant reference check, here’s what you should do:

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Abandoned living room

Five tips for a smooth tenant check out

Whether you’re saying goodbye to your new best friend or celebrating seeing the back of a troublesome rogue, you should always oversee the tenant check out professionally. You need to ascertain whether the property is in an acceptable state and, if not, how much of the deposit should be kept. If you produced a thorough inventory at the start of the tenancy then the check out should be fairly straightforward. Continue reading