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Quick Question – Rental Arrears

This month, with the cost of living continually increasing, we’d like to ask how concerned you are about rental arrears in 2015.

Last Month’s question


Looks like most of you wait until the end of the tenancy before you worry about your Section 21, and most are content to just let it become a rolling contract.

Remember, you can create a free, personalised Section 21 on our website.

Abandoned living room

Five tips for a smooth tenant check out

Whether you’re saying goodbye to your new best friend or celebrating seeing the back of a troublesome rogue, you should always oversee the tenant check out professionally. You need to ascertain whether the property is in an acceptable state and, if not, how much of the deposit should be kept. If you produced a thorough inventory at the start of the tenancy then the check out should be fairly straightforward. Continue reading


Brighton’s ‘living rent’ campaign praised

A campaign to introduce a ‘living rent’ policy in Brighton and Hove has been praised by the city council’s Green councillors.

The campaign proposes the creation of a national living rent commission to explore ways of bringing the country’s soaring rents into line with wages and the cost of living and bringing in longer term tenancies in return for stable rent increases. Continue reading


UK Tenants prepared to stay in buy-to-let property

Demand for buy-to-let property is set to continue, almost half of non-homeowners in the UK believe they will never own their own property and continue to live in buy-to-let rental accommodation or stay with parents.

The research shows that 1.1 million people would consider moving abroad to own a property.

It is proving increasingly for difficult young people to get on the property ladder, with 23% of 18-24 year olds would be willing to move jobs or relocate somewhere else in the U.K to be a homeowner. Continue reading