The Benefits of Pre-tenancy Cleaning

Before a new tenant moves in you’ll be faced with the question of whether to treat the property to a full cleaning service. If it’s been left in a reasonable condition, you may think it’s not worth the effort or cost. But it’s important to think critically about how you would see the property if you were a potential tenant, especially in light of the amount of rent you are asking for. A recent Rentify survey found that difficulty in finding a tenant was the number one concern for our landlords so anything you can do to help reduce that trouble is worth it.

1.)    Hygiene: The property may look fine but you never know what may have happened in some dark corner. A thorough clean will reveal and eliminate any potential hygiene issues before they become a problem. Early signs of things like pests or mould may have escaped the tenant’s notice, but you’ll be sure of identifying them and making the property fit for the next person to occupy.

2.)    Maintenance: Likewise, a full clean will increase the likelihood of discovering repairs or maintenance that need to be done pre-tenancy. Is that just a stain on the wall or the first signs of damp?

3.)    The tenant’s confidence: First impressions are key. If a new tenant can see that you have gone to the trouble of cleaning the property, they’ll settle in more quickly with the confidence of knowing they’ve got a landlord who cares about them. It should lay the foundation for a strong relationship.

4.)    Respect for the property: Not only will you go up in the tenant’s estimation, it’s likely that they’ll also treat the property with more respect if they see that you like to keep it to a high standard.

5.)    Perception: If you are yet to find a new tenant, there is even more reason to do a full pre-tenancy cleaning. A clean property will not only be far more attractive to a prospective tenant, it will actually seem in a better state of repair; a source of extra confidence to supplement the wow-factor!


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