The London Rental Standard

Boris Johnson has now published the final version of his standard for private renting across London, known as the London Rental Standard. While this of course only applies to the capital, it sums up the mood of many authorities and commentators across the country.

The London Rental Standard formalises the standards which voluntary accreditation schemes must reach to make sure that landlords truly are delivering a good service. Accredited members of existing schemes which comply with the Standard will automatically become members of it over the next six months. There is clearly a great will to make this a success: £100,000 will be invested towards a target membership of 100,000 landlords by 2016. The Greater London Authority recommends signing up with one of the following voluntary accreditation schemes, if you have not already done so:

Rentify welcome the Mayor’s conclusions as they should allow good landlords to be recognised for the work they do, while weeding out rogue landlords and, in the mid- to long-term, providing a boost to the image of the private rented sector as a whole. The planned increase in the importance and reach of the Standard over the coming years should mean that bad landlords will either be forced to buck up their ideas or find a black mark next to their name by failing to get accredited. We firmly believe the Mayor was right to shy away from mandatory licensing, which would have only led to greater complications and costs for both landlords and tenants.


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