More bad landlords caught out

An enforcement team from Hillingdon Council finally demolished the structure on West Drayton Road, Hayes, after months of attempted negotiations with the owner.

An enforcement notice had been served upon both the owner and occupier giving them 3 months to comply with the council’s request, including the owner being order to stop renting out the shed and demolish it.

However, having failed to follow these orders, the council proceeded to do the job for the landlord and invoiced the costs.

The council has announced this was the second incident this year in which it has been forced to take direct action, although a number of landlords have responded to warnings and demolished outbuildings classed as ‘unlawful’.

Following a similar incident in Stafford where a fellow landlord was fined a total of £4,200 due to negligence of health and safety laws on 8 occassions (putting tenants lives in danger), senior councillor Patrick Farringdon spoke out, saying how ‘he hopes the fine given to a landlord in Stafford will serve as a reminder of the responsibilities that come with renting out accommodation’.

The Cabinet Member for Community went on to encourage people renting out properties to take advantage of the free advice service provided for them by the authorities.

Such advice includes ‘Landlord Forums’ that run throughout the year and involves experts being on hand to give advice and guidance as well as discuss the legal responsibilities of a landlord.

Councillor Farringdon then went on to say;

“All landlords in the borough are invited to attend our forums where officers can answer their queries and concerns, as well as share information on best practices or new legislation. This way we can work together to provide safe accommodation throughout the borough.”

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