Wimbledon: a good investment

Sporting events are a gift to the short-let landlord, as they pile up the cash and set off on a luxury vacation. In Wimbledon, landlords are pocketing up to £10,000 a week during the fortnight-long tennis tournament, not only from players but from overseas spectators as well.

The average rental price in the area stands at an average of £1,876 for three bedrooms, per month. However throughout the tournament, prices vary significantly depending on the proximity - if you’re lucky enough to own a property in the Wimbledon Village, the rent for a three bedroom, two bathroom house can expect to soar to £3,000. In Southfields (literally a 15 minute walk to the grounds) rents will stand at £1,600.

£10,000 a week does seem a little excessive, but with Federer’s annual salary of $53 million and Nadal’s of $45 million, don’t feel too sorry for them.



‘Nadal vs Del Potro on Wimbledon Centre Court: Tie-break’ by Rian Saunders is licensed under CC 

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