5 things easier than buying a house in 2015

Recent figures suggest that it is 77% more difficult to buy a home in London now than at the time of the last General Election. Is it any surprise, then, that younger people are giving up on the idea of ever owning a house? While their parents’ generation dreamed of settling down with a family and a mortgage, today’s young adults have different priorities. From fame to fortune, here are some arguably more attainable goals.


Going on a round-the-world trip

Not only is a round-the-world ticket a considerably cheaper shout than a new house, it is also en vogue among the Millennial generation to shrug off any notion of employment or adult responsibility in favour of chasing one’s bliss. While it is always good to broaden your horizons, and the pursuit of enlightenment is admirable, more often than not this bliss takes the form of a pregnancy scare or acid flashback following a beach party in Thailand.


Becoming the star of your own reality show

There are two strategies you can adopt here. The first is to be lucky enough to live in an area with enough fashionable nightclubs and new money to warrant its own fly-on-the-wall project, a la Essex or Chelsea. The second option is to turn your own personal life into the kind of sideshow that ITV2 viewers can’t turn away from, either by having an affair with a celebrity (and leaking a sex tape), opening up about your plastic surgery addiction, or burning through failed marriages like the second coming of Elizabeth Taylor.


Getting a million followers on Instagram

Seriously, some people care about this. And there is definitely an argument to be made that amassing a loyal following on social media by posting daily photos of your latte, footwear, acrylic nail art, ombre hair extensions, gluten-free paleo lunch and inspirational quotes is easier than saving up for a house. And if you’re really that keen, you can buy a million fake followers for less than it would take to put down a deposit.


Writing a book that sells a billion copies despite being terrible

Being a bestselling publishing phenomenon is the minimum that authors shoot for in this, the era of blockbuster franchises based on teen reads and supposedly saucy smut with origins in fanfiction. There’s no one rule for what it takes to become a literary superstar, but if your writing is the kind of dreadful material that goes viral through ironic dramatic readings on Vine or YouTube, then you’re probably onto a winner.


Being the worst kind of person ever

If there is one specimen of humanity that seems to be benefiting from a lack of property and ever-climbing asking prices, it is the high street estate agent. Don your Burton suit, slick back your hair and spray yourself with enough Infinity by Calvin Klein to paralyse the cockroaches which you swear blind are not lurking beneath the floorboards, and you’re good to go.