8 ideas even worse than Labour’s proposed rent control

Ed Miliband’s proposed cap on rents is one of the stupidest ideas ever. If Labour have their way, they plan to force landlords into signing three-year tenancy agreements in which rent can’t be raised higher than inflation. This anti-capitalist attack on landords might be dumb, but, believe it or not, people have had more idiotic ideas. Here are eight of the worst…



These hideous, puke-coloured, chunky plastic pseudo-sandals are as much an affront to humanity as they are to fashion. Marginally worse than suffocating the free market… 


Natural birthing

You could give birth surrounded by medical professionals in a state of the art hospital, or you could risk labour in a remote rain-forest river. Dolphin-assisted birthing makes slightly less sense than Miliband’s grasp of economics…


Jimmy Savile

“Let’s hire the creepy bloke in the shell suit to front all of our children’s programs.” The Beeb’s HR department would probably do an even worse job with housing policy than Miliband..


Invading Russia in winter

There are dumb decisions, and then there’s marching your troops into a Russian winter without securing your supply lines. That’s the French for you. Napoleon would almost certainly endorse Ed’s rent control madness…


Mao’s great leap forward

Chairman Mao’s genius idea to introduce  mandatory agricultural collectivization led to the death of around 45 million people. Miliband draws inspiration from the same Marxist ideals as Mao, but rent control will probably kill less people…

Britain's opposition Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband speaks at the London Business School in London

Voting Ed in as leader of the Labour Party

The decision by Labour to install Ed as their leader has backfired spectacularly. They’re fighting an election against a Tory government, led by an Eton school-boy who is cutting spending at a time of wage-stagnation. Labour would be walking 2015 if they hadn’t voted for Ed…


Silicon Sealant

Silicon bathroom sealant is literally the worst invention in history. What kind of person thought it was a good idea to waterproof a bathroom with a product which goes mouldy upon contact with water? Probably the same sort of sick freak who thinks capping rents is a genius move…


Having an affair with Edwina Currie

Screwing over landlords by controlling rents or a quickie with Edwina. We think we know which is worse. Just…