The way to a tenant’s heart is through their nose

Smell scientists have long known about the the seductive powers of specific fragrances, and major retailers have been employing these maestros to increase sales in their stores for years. Well, now you can do the same for your property, with Rentify’s complete guide to nasally persuading prospective tenants into signing on the dotted line.

Fresh flowers

Freshly-cut flowers will make your property stand out both to the eyes and the nose, but landlords should think long and hard before splashing out on bouquets before each viewing . Also, it could end in tears if your prospective tenant has hay fever.

Wet Labrador

It’s not for the faint of heart, but the distinctive pong of moist black Labrador could, in very specific circumstances be a bold and inspiring choice. Yes if you are trying to rent out a crumbling country pile, no if you’re trying to shift a new build apartment in central London.


Pine is a simple yet bold smell that won’t distract prospective tenants with any unnecessary complexity. If done right, it can subconsciously evoke pastoral vibes – perfect if your property is of the cramped urban variety.  If pine seems a bit down-market, you could try branching out with something like cedar.


Citrus is a fresh and vibrant smell that’s easy and pleasant to process. However, as with all other common smells, you should be careful – some people may not associate pleasant thoughts with citrus smells: Toilet Duck or the nasty green Tic Tacs, for example.

If you do go down the citrus route, why not go all and offer the full citrus – if nothing else it will give your viewers a refreshing experience.


Lavender manages to have both a homely warmth and a floral freshness, instantly creating a relaxing environment. It can also smell like an elderly person’s sock drawer. Use with care.


Despite its reputation, vanilla is a surprisingly complex scent, managing to be clean while retaining a depth of character. If you’re going to do vanilla you need to do it properly – no pound shop scented candles or bathroom freshener. Leave open a couple of bottles of vanilla extract around the house, and allow the aroma to gently waft around the house. Please, there is no excuse for using vanilla essence instead of extract. Not under any circumstance.


No. Just no.


Freshly baked cakes give off a delicious aroma that can make people feel instantly at home. As do freshly baked brownies, cookies, pies, and breads. The only downside to filling your property with the inviting smells of freshly baked goods is that they can be too good to be true; scenting your property is supposed to gently seduce renters, not remind them that they will be coming home to frozen meals for one five days a week.


Peculating a fresh batch of coffee twenty minutes before a viewing is the oldest trick in the book. Unfortunately, prospective tenants know this and will be instantly be suspicious, thinking you might be trying to mask the odour of a damp room. Or a body under the floorboards.

Oolong tea and dates

This is Rentify’s secret weapon; the subtle scents of freshly brewed oolong tea and cut dates blend perfectly into a cocktail of clean and inviting goodness. We recommend monkey-picked Oolong tea from China’s Fujian Province and Medjoul Dates from the Jordan Valley. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.