The definitive guide to enhancing your property with mirrors

The humble mirror is the go-to solution for landlords looking to upgrade the ambiance of their properties, without breaking the bank. Mirrors, however, are a tricky business. Get it wrong and the property could look like a dodgy nightclub, get it right and you could transform a dingy flat into a warm and open space. Use rentify’s definitive guide to mirror do’s and don’ts to painlessly enhance the your property’s interior.

Do use flat, non distorted mirrors that reflect back a clear image

Don’t use tiled mirrors. They break up the reflection’s zen and reflect back a confused a chaotic version of the room.

Do place a mirror so that it reflects the view coming in from the window. It will give a room two aspects of the outside world.

Don’t hang mirrors opposite each other. It creates an uncomfortably negative vortex of space.

Do use mirrors to create an illusion of space in long hallways and small rooms. Placing the mirror on the side wall of a hallway so it doesn’t create a tunnel effect is a smart move.

Don’t obstruct part of the mirror – it confuses the reflected space.

Do lean a mirror against the wall to add some visual interest

Don’t use a cracked mirror. Just don’t.

Do hang a mirror in the entrance and to the side of the front door.

Don’t place a mirror straight in front of the front door. It’s disconcerting for visitors.

Do place a mirror behind the workspace in the kitchen. Anyone cooking will be able to see people behind them as they work.

Don’t reflect the toilet door or anything else unpleasant such as bins. These things are a necessary evil – there’s no need to have two of them.

Do hang a mirror in front of any office desks that face the wall. It will allow anyone working there to feel connected to the room.

Don’t go overboard with mirrors in the bedrooms. Mirrors are great for bringing life into a space, but aren’t particularly conducive to the calm and sanctuary needed for a good nights sleep. And don’t stick a mirror on the ceiling above the bed – the novelty will soon wear off.

Do place large mirrors around the dining room table. It will magnify the positive enegery of communal eating.

Don’t use a mirror to reflect a fireplace. It can turn a room from cosy to blazing inferno.

Do utilise mirrors to make unwanted features disappear. For instance, completely covering a pillar with mirrors will claw back the space it steals from the room.

Don’t position a mirror at the top or bottom of stairs. It cuts peoples heads and feet off as they walk up and down.

And for the love of all that’s precious in this world, DON’T install a mirror ball.