The definitive guide to painting your rental property

Painting your property white is so last decade – no one wants to live in a sterile box. But landlords need to be careful when cracking out the overalls and paint rollers; you need your colour scheme to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. It’s a thankless task that can mean hours fiddling with colour charts and collecting paint samples.

There are some simple rules to follow. Don’t use red, be sparing with dark colours, and when in doubt, go a tone of two lighter.

Don’t worry, however, if pairing neutral tones isn’t your cup of tea. Rentify have put together colour guide for every room in the house. Simply note down the colours and pop down to B&Q.


kitchen 1 kitchen 2

Do Bright colours and Earthy tones

Don’t Dark Greens and Black

The kitchen is the bustling heart of any home, and the colour scheme you choose should reflect this. Combine a bright colour like yellow with something that grounds the kitchen with its functional nature – perhaps an earthy tone. Avoid dark colours.

Rentify recommends Tarragon Glory 6 and Celtic Moor 2


bedroom 1bedroom 2

Do Pastels
Don’t Very Bright or Dark colours

It goes without saying that bedrooms should be a calming and resting space. You need to find a happy palette medium, somewhere between playful bright colours and moody dark colours. Pastels always work well.

Rentify recommends Mellow Mocha and First Dawn


bathroom 1bathroom 2

Do Pastels and Creams
Don’t Blues and Dark colours

The go-to colour for people who want to avoid white in bathrooms is blue. But be careful; blue can often feel overwhelming with so much water around. Why not balance things out with earthy pastel tones – it might sound a bit feng shui, but balancing the elements really does work.

Rentify recommends Natural Hessian and Frayed Hessian 2

Dining Room

dining room 1dining room 2

Do Muted colours and Pastels
Don’t Anything Dark

Dining rooms require special care and attention. You want the space to be restful and relaxed, but remember; a lot of earthy or muddy colours can be off-putting at dinner time. Muted greens and blues are a safe bet.

Rentify recommends Melon Sorbet and Blue Reflection

Living Room

Living 1living 2

Do Pastels
Don’t Anything on the Red spectrum

Warm, friendly, relaxing; we all know the emotions we want the colour we chose for the living room to convey, but achieving that is an art form. Too earthy, and it can feel like you’re in a hobbit hole underground. Too warm, and the room can be overbearing.

Rentify Recommends Dusted Fondant and Blueberry White

Home Office

office 1office 2

Do Anything Bright and Fun
Don’t Earthy tone

A working space gives you the chance to ditch the the relaxing colour and go for something a bit more vibrant and inducive to cognitive activity. Be careful not to go overboard though; after all, you’re not painting a playroom. A good rule of thumb is to choose something bold, then select something a couple of notches from that on the colour palette.

Rentify recommends Sumptuous Plum and Forest Falls 6


hallway 1hallway 2

Do Anything Cheerful
Don’t Off White

Hallways are your license to have a bit of fun. Go bold. Go bright. Just don’t go magnolia.

Rentify recommends Forest Falls 1 and Amethyst Falls 3