East Midlands could be the UK’s new property promised land

According to research recently conducted by Lloyds Bank, property sales in the UK are at a seven year high. A number of towns in the East Midlands are leading the growth, with a 26% increase in 2014 compared to the previous year. Daventry in Northamptonshire took the top spot, followed closely by Alfreton in Derbyshire and Sutton-in-Ashfield in Nottinghamshire.

While London has driven the lion’s share of property recovery since the financial crisis, the capital’s housing market has “slowed sharply” in the last year, the study says. So now might be the ideal time to look outside London, and see what the East Midlands have to offer.

The Peak District


The rugged, untameable landscape and lush greenery of the Peak District have inspired some of Britain’s greatest writers, including Jane Austen, Lord Byron, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Beatrix Potter. Who knows, maybe a move to Derbyshire will lead to you writing your masterpiece and becoming immortalised in British literary history.

Sherwood Forest


Surely a dog walk is more exciting when you can picture Robin Hood and his gang of dangerous criminals… um, we mean Merry Men, around each tree.

Proper Parklife


London has some mighty fine parks, there’s no doubt about that, but step away from the city and you’ll find no shortage of scenic places to go for a run or wear out the kids – like Clumber Park (pictured).

Thriving town centres


There’s a common myth that the market town is dying, and Shoreditch is the only place you can find a decent breakfast on Sunday morning. Lies! All lies! Just go for a stroll in and around Old Market Square in Nottingham, the setting for a panoply of fairs and food festivals.

Castles. Lots and lots of gnarly castles.