Our all-in-one lettings and management helps eliminate voids for landlords. Here’s the lowdown on how we do it and why you should let your property to Rentify.

Our pricing

We combine our knowledge of the property market through our pricing database with additional information such as the previous rent price to calculate a fair market value on your rental property.

Guaranteed rent

From here we lock in a fixed % of that price as the guaranteed rent amount for a period of time. The guaranteed rent offer may differ depending on the period of time, so for longer periods, you may see a higher % of rent guaranteed. Rentify pay this rent straight to you, the landlord, each month. With or without tenants.

Why we’re the real deal

Our research shows landlord’s can underestimate the cost of void periods (5%), repair and maintenance costs (10%) and agency fees (12%) meaning you may only see 73% of your annual rental income.

With Rentify we typically guarantee between 80-86% of your rent, so you’ll see more as part of your bottom line without lifting a finger.

It’s not all about the money.

More importantly we also save you time. You won’t have to find tenants, repair boilers in the middle of the night or chase up late rent payments. We’ll handle that for you. 

Book a valuation today and say bye to void periods!