Here’s why you should let your tenants move their dogs in

Looking for a new home can be a time-consuming, emotionally exhausting process, and for many prospective tenants, the deal-breaker often boils down to three simple words: “No pets allowed.”

As a landlord, it’s natural to have reservations about animal owners. The last thing you want is to receive noise complaints from neighbours who have been kept up all night by incessant barking, and the risk of damage to the property is often cited by landlords as justification for not permitting pets. But the same case can easily be made about renting your property to tenants who have children. In fact, it could be argued that responsible pet owners are more likely than some parents to be aware of their duty to maintain a clean, quiet home.

Here are Rentify’s three reasons why a pet-owner can make an ideal tenant.

1. It’s much less hassle than you might imagine. On average, the cost of repairing pet-related damages is minimal; much less than a standard security deposit. And the time taken up by dealing with pet issues works out as about one hour per year – that’s considerably less than child-related disputes. While you may find yourself occasionally inconvenienced, the reality is that allowing pets will make your rental unit a much more appealing choice than your competition.

2. Fur is good for your finances. The majority of pet owners are more than happy to pay an additional premium to account for any expenses incurred on the landlord’s part, including cleaning and repairs. It’s a win-win situation; landlords stand to profit more from an open-door policy, and animal lovers get to share their new home with their pets.

3. You’ll be doing a good deed. There is statistical evidence which supports the theory that no-pet rentals are a contributing factor to the staggering number of abandoned animals in the UK. It stands to reason that if an individual or family can’t find a place where their beloved cat or dog is welcome, they will be forced to give them up. And with animal shelters in this country already stretched to capacity, that means poor Fluffy or Fido might end up on the streets. By welcoming renters with pets, you will be doing your part to protect animals, as well as garnering goodwill with a wider pool of tenants.