However you choose to vote today, just make sure you do

Over the past several weeks, we’ve brought you a number of perspectives on the General Election and how various parties and their polici will affect the private rental sector and property market as a whole.

There are Ed Miliband’s proposed rent controls, which threaten to drive landlords out of the industry. Then there are Nick Clegg’s help to rent loans which aim to ensure more young people secure tenancies. Then there’s Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru, who believes stronger regulation is  needed in the private rental sector, and Natalie Bennett of the Green Party who agrees with Miliband that letting agent fees should be eliminated.

Ultimately though, it is your choice.

Rather than serving up yet more bluster at the eleventh hour, we simply urge you to go out today and exercise your right to vote, regardless of which party gets your support. The outcome of today will have an impact on this country for the next five years and probably long after that. So pop out to the polling station this morning, or on your lunch break, or on your way home from work, and have your say.

George Spencer is CEO of Rentify.