We pride ourselves on our ability to price properties effectively with our proprietary valuation tool. But just how do we do it?

“Largest Cleared Market Rent Database”

Rentify have “one of the largest cleared market rent databases”. That’s a fancy way of saying we have a record of the rent price your property, or similar properties in the area, cleared at. We place greater weighting on newer entries so over time, the valuation tool will successfully and accurately reflect the true market price.

Why does this matter?

This matters because we want to be transparent with you, the landlord,  and set realistic expectations. The status quo is to price the property as high as possible and then drop the price until it clears. But that’s a pretty ineffective, time consuming option. We’re very comfortable our prices are realistic and you can be sure once you agree to let to Rentify, we’ll find tenants in almost no time.

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