Properties you can buy for the price of one year’s rent in London

Have you ever wondered what a year’s rent in London could buy you?  The average cost of renting a property in the capital is £16,956 per year, which, it turns out, is enough to buy an entire property outright. We took a look at property hotspots around the globe to see what a year’s London rent could get you. All clock in at under 17 grand.



It’s hard to believe that for less than £17k, this spacious family home in Bulgaria could be yours. Nestled away in a sleepy mountain village, the property lies within commuting distance of the capital Sofia. Bargain.



Despite a steady influx of foreigners inflating the market, it’s still possible to pick up a bargain in Thailand. This recently built apartment comes with access to a swimming pool and lush tropical gardens.



A charming property located on a sleepy Sicilian side street, this house is a little slice of rustic paradise.  Located within spitting distance of some of the worlds finest scenery and pizzerias, it’s a steal.



You’d be right to be suspicious of the interior quality of some of the houses on this list, but this repossession in Florida comes in tip top shape and is ready to be moved straight into. The sunshine state really is the land flowing with bank foreclosures.



If there’s a place that can rival Florida for properties selling at a fraction of their original value, it’s Detroit, Michigan. Don’t be put off by the stories, Detroit is on the mend, and houses like this one come in pristine condition.



Ticking many of the boxes for those looking for a bolthole in the sun, this cosy property is located in a sleepy hillside village and comes with stunning views. Admittedly, it’s a little on the cramped side, but you really can’t argue with the price.



It’s a little rough around the edges and in need of some TLC, but this charming property on the isle of Lesbos is difficult to resist. Located in the sunniest place in Europe, it’s hard to believe a lifetime of Grecian living can be bought for the price of a year in Tower Hamlets.



Located on what the locals call “Arizona’s beach,” this property benefits from the best of both Mexico and the USA. Spend your days sunning yourself on a Mexican beach, or drive for an hour and you’re in the US, the choice is yours.



This is just ridiculous: a brand new fully furnished house in Brazil complete with fruit trees. Rent out a flat in London for a year and it could be yours.



Something special for those with a taste for the exotic. You can purchase this picturesque northern terrace for under 17k.