Property news round up 27/02/2015

Agency ‘sorry’ for mistaking Luton for London in property ads: In the property world, there is no faux pas greater than mixing up your locations, which is exactly what one not-so-bright agent did when they thought that Luton and London were one and the same. Fortunately, if there’s one thing that the internet loves more than correcting people, it’s correcting estate agents.

Elsewhere this week, it was announced that an estate in Hoxton will be the site of a new experiment, where rent will be means-tested. Rentify CEO George Spencer explains why that might not be such a terrible idea.

And here are the other stories making headlines this week:

Pi Labs property accelerator launches in East London to create ‘Airbnbs of tomorrow’ 

The cities where rent is rising the fastest

Bovis ramps up building as house prices continue to rise

Sellers finally get real on house prices – is now the time to pick up a bargain?

UK property sales dropped in January, HMRC figures show

London’s homeowners have made £144,000 on average since 2009

Property industry must ‘step up’ to protect environment