Top 10 ways you could be spending your estate agent fees

Have you ever wondered what you could do with the money you spend on estate agency fees? The average cost of renting a property is London £16,956 per year; the letting service fees of someone like, say, Foxtons, is 13.2%.  So, on an average London property, you would pay £2,238 in fees each year. Outrageous.

All is not lost, however. Rentify’s Let My Property service is capped at £845, saving you a whopping £1,306 versus Foxtons on the average property. Here are the top ten things you could spend your savings on.

Five star hotel in Bangkok


For £1,311, you can stay for 18 nights in a deluxe suite at a 5* hotel in Bangkok. 18 nights! Thailand is the perfect place for the overworked landlord who wants to blow of a bit of steam. Whether it’s a trip to the beach, a river cruise, a night on the town or a day spent in meditation at the temple, there really is something for everybody. The massages are cheap too.

Meet a pop star


Most pop stars run meet-and-greet packages when they go on tour, and for £1,306 you can meet just about anybody (except maybe Britney Spears). Meeting One Direction will set you back £1,160,  Madonna will cost you £1,195, and a meetup with Cheryl Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini is a mere £350.

Orient Express


Many people dream about traversing Europe, roaring Twenties-style, aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, but few can ever justify the price. Well, you’ve got over a grand burning  a hole in your pocket, so why not live a little? For £990 you can take the classic overnight journey from Venice to Vienna, which includes meals, leaving you a reasonable £316 to blow in the bar car.

Ferrero Rocher


10488 of them.

Blow up a car


Let’s face it. At some point in your life you’re going to end up at a firing range in Las Vagas, blowing through a months wages on machine gun ammunition. But sometimes the thrill of  shooting a M249 from the hip into an oil drum isn’t enough, so why not spice things up a little? For a mere  £1,299 you can fill a vehicle with explosives, park it on the range, and detonate it with a firearm of your choice.

Buy a wing suit


You could rent your house through Foxtons, or you could jump off the side of a cliff and fly like a bird. Your choice. A top of the range suit will set you back £995, leaving you enough funds to write a will.

Put it all on Red. Or Black.


You’ll only ever have one chance to do this. Walk into a casino, change your cash into into chips, saunter over to the roulette table and place it all on one colour. Win or lose, you will walk out of the building feeling like a new person.

Plastic surgery


You’re not going to be able to get anything decent done in the UK for that sort of money, but head overseas and the surgeon’s scalpal is your oyster. Liposuction in Hungary will cost you around £450, a nose job in the Czech Republic will set you back £600, and buttock implants will cost you a cool £1,350 in Turkey.

 Film Prop


There’ something magical about keeping a little something in your house that has had a moment of fame on the big screen. For a mere £1,259 you can buy the golden throne Ba’al sat on in Stargate: SG-1. Bargain.

Something sensible


Or you could put it all in a trust fund for the kids. Boring.