Top Tips For Renting Small Spaces

Many landlords have that awkward space they’d like to rent out at as extra room, whether it’s an attic or an old storage space that could be better used as a bedroom. It can be daunting to turn these small, unloved spaces into something you can be proud to own and rent out. But all it takes is a little creative thinking to turn a cramped or drab corner of your property into bedroom number three.

Here are some examples of landlords that you might, or might not, want to draw inspiration from.

Coffin Room


Turn your space’s weakness into a unique selling point. For inspiration, look to Tokyo, where entrepreneurial landlords have taken advantage of the high rental demand and a cultural love of all things cute and functional to rent out coffin-sized rooms.

Princess in the Tower Attic Room

attic bed

Just because space is at a premium, doesn’t mean that you have to scrimp on life’s little comforts. If the resourceful owner of this attic space can shoehorn in a deluxe double bed, what is there to stop you from treating your tenants to a little luxury here and there? Why not splash out on an Aga for your studio apartment or perhaps invest in some Italian tiles for your closet shower.

All in One

london all in one

If your prospective tenants are on a budget and can only afford a small apartment, there’s no reason to leave them feeling short-changed by scrimping on the basics. Don’t worry if cramming in furniture wreaks havoc with the room’s feng shui, the tenants will understand. Why shouldn’t a box room studio have a dining table?



Nothing gives a prospective tenant the blues more than viewing a bedroom that looked so perfect in the pictures, only to find that there’s no room to fit all their clothes. Most landlords try to rectify this with a quick trip to Ikea, but why not give it some blue sky thinking? There’s always space for a walk-in wardrobe if you try hard enough.

The Thoughtful Shelf


When things are really tight, installing some space efficiency devices on your tenants behalf is a smart move. Whether it’s a clever fold-out bed, an under counter electric hob that that doubles as work-surface or even a simple shelf – tenants appreciate the extra effort.

Mirror mirror on the wall


The oldest trick in the box room book is accessorise your room with a simple mirror. It really works.



Another fool-proof way to transform your room is the classic whitewash. The trick with this one is not to be half-hearted about things: an off-white rug can ruin the zen. Five tins of Dulux and your can transform the dankest of rooms into something that looks like it leapt from a Scandinavian interior designer’s nocturnal fantasies.

Roof Space

Roof Space

While square footage might be at a premium in your property, the chances are there might be above head height space that can be utilised. Why not stick a bed up there? When your prospective tenants finances are tight, it’s almost criminal to waste the room above them.

Fully Furnished


Even if you are renting unfurnished, it’s always helpful to give tenants an idea of what the place could like like if they were living there. This is especially important if the property is of smaller proportions. Even a simple chair can be enough to convey a warm a friendly vibe, though perhaps go for something a bit more homely.

Sex Mirror

sex mirror

When it comes to freshening up unloved spaces, you are only limited by your imagination. A sloping ceiling is only a head hazard if you allow it to be. Take inspiration from our list and run with it.

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