Up Periscope! The best ways to include absent flatmates in property viewings

In today’s fast-moving rental market, it can be hard for all co-tenants to make property viewings at the same time. Thankfully, modern technology gives you the tools to allow absentee potential tenants to take part in the viewing, almost as if they were there themselves. Here are the best options for including everyone in your house hunt.


This is probably the most comprehensive option, but at the same time it is the most time consuming. If you’ve got the  time to put in on the  PremierPro cutting room floor, you can give your new flatmates the tour of the property they deserve. Ambitious video editors could also consider putting in slow motion replays of important features, such as the number of sockets in the bedrooms.


It’s not exactly the most inspired choice, but putting together an extensive Flickr album should give a well rounded impression of the property. Budding photographers could also consider taking advantage of the Photo Sphere 360 degree panorama feature available on Android’s Google Camera – it takes a little practice to get photo spheres right, but your new flatmates will appreciate the effort.


Gifs are a niche genre probably more suited to fluffy animals and teenage hearthrobs on tumblr. But sometimes it’s tricky to capture the essence of a property-viewing moment in any other way. If you do decide to go down the gif route, it’s probably best to augment your 8-bit moving masterpieces with supporting commentary – pithy file names will do. For instance; genouroussizedsecondbedroom.gif


Vining is a tricky artform to master, so it’s probably best if you leave this one to the pros. (And by ‘pros’, we mean ‘smarmy American teenagers.’)


It takes a certain type of person to live-tweet their property viewing, but if you’ve got the tweeting know-how there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. 140 characters might not seem like much, but a talented Twitter scribe can make those limited characters capture ephemeral moments in the way no photo can.  Being verified will add gravitas to you tweets.


On the face of it, a VoIP service such as Skype or Google Hangouts should be ideal for including flatmates in your viewing, but lets face it – it’s just not very cool. Skype is for catching up with your grandparents on the iPad you bought them Christmas, not for guiding absentee co-tenants around your prospective new digs in Hoxton. Two way conversations are overrated.


Meerkat and Periscope are the hot new iOS apps that let you turn your phone into a live video broadcasting device – perfect for the task in hand. So, which one should you use? Streaming on  Meerkat will allow anyone to view your broadcast, while Periscope both allows you to broadcast privately with your housemates, and to replay your stream for a full 24 hours. Rentify recommends Periscope.