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Our Tenancy Agreement is an improved version of the shorthold tenancy contracts used by most landlords in England to let their residential property.

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This tenancy agreement acts as a legal document between the landlord and tenant, and lays out the obligations and permissions applicable for the duration of the tenancy, including rent, deposit and other costs...

Why use a Rentify Tenancy Agreement?

Thousands of landlords have used our tenancy agreement and other tools for letting and managing their properties. Our assured shorthold tenancy agreement is:

  • Legally watertight & fully insured
  • Up-to-date with the latest legislation
  • Easy to customise with the terms you want (pets? smokers?)
  • Available to download instantly

Why do you need a Tenancy Agreement?

A legally robust AST is a must for all landlords in England. Without one your rights as a landlord and a property owner aren't protected.

Rentify provides a watertight Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for landlords in an easy-to-download, customisable PDF doc. Our contract is up to date with the latest legislation, easy to understand and backed by professional indemnity insurance. It’s also simple to customise with the terms you want (pets? smokers?) and share with your tenants.

ASTs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are more comprehensive than others, which can lead to problems during the tenancy if any disputes arise. They must not be intended to mislead the tenant and must be “fair” and “clear” - which means that a poorly written one has every chance of being unenforceable.

Be aware that although ASTs are the most common form of tenancy agreement in England and Wales, they aren’t suitable in all cases. They have been specifically designed for use with residential tenancies between landlords and private tenants. They aren’t applicable for holiday homes or commercial leases.

Landlord checklist

  • Advertise the property
  • Credit & reference check the tenant
  • Draw up a Tenancy Agreement
  • Protect the tenancy deposit
  • Setup rent collection
  • Renew your Gas Safety certificate
  • Ensure you have a valid Energy Performance certificate

Download your Tenancy Agreement:

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